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What are the symptoms of Cancer?​

Unexplained Weight Loss

Losing weight without trying can be a sign of several cancer types, affecting metabolism.

Lumps or Masses

Abnormal lumps or bumps on the body could indicate various cancers, such as breast, testicular, or lymphoma.

Aches & Pain

Ongoing pain not associated with an injury might signal bone, ovarian, or kidney cancers.


Unexplained bleeding, such as rectal or vaginal bleeding, should raise concerns about colon or cervical cancers.

Frequent Infections

Frequent infections and a weakened immune system can be a sign of leukemia or lymphoma.


Unexplained swelling of the face, neck, or other body parts might be related to lymphatic system cancers.

Watch for symptoms

Common Symptoms

Cancer can present a wide range of symptoms, and the specific symptoms can vary depending on the type and stage of cancer. Some common symptoms that may be associated with cancer include:

Emergency Symptoms

Certain cancer-related symptoms can be considered medical emergencies, and they require immediate attention from a healthcare provider or emergency services. If you or someone you know experiences any of the following symptoms, it’s crucial to seek medical assistance promptly:

What to do if you have symptoms?

If you’re experiencing symptoms that you believe might be related to cancer, it’s essential to take prompt and proactive steps. Here’s what to do if you have cancer symptoms:

Remember that not all cancer symptoms lead to a cancer diagnosis. Many symptoms can be related to non-cancerous conditions. However, it’s important to be proactive and address your concerns with a healthcare provider to rule out or address any potential health issues. Early detection and treatment can significantly improve the chances of successful cancer management.

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