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Ayurveda therapy is the oldest, successful and glorious alternative medical system in the world, which has been used successfully in India for thousands of years. Based on the main “Atharvaveda”, Ayurveda removes disorders from the body of the patient and rejuvenates the body’s systems and makes body healthy again, which also protects human from many possible diseases.The use of pure herbs and precious natural medicines in a appropriate quantity can helps to remove many serious and life-threatening diseases.

Mission & Vision

Good health and peacful life are fundamentals of human life.

At amritojas, our aim is to provide high quality, ancient treatment, at affordable cost to all because human life is precious.

Root Treatment

The gradual transition of the body’s micronutrient cell due to increasing industrial pollution, smoking, increasing amounts of chemical fertilizers in grains, use of harmful chemicals, food adulteration, unbalanced lifestyles, heredity and various types of radiations. Later, the number of infected cells increases very rapidly, and becomes incurable disease commonly known as cancer. modern medical practice is also often not effective on this disease. Ayurveda not only prevents and treat the diseases from roots, but also helps us in achieve good peace of mind and spiritual strength.

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At Amritojas we have invented immunotherapy based on ancient Indian medical science, achieved good results by continuous research and experiment with many Ayurvedic herbs on complex and life-threatening disease like cancer. In Ayurvedic immunotherapy, rare effective plants obtained through organic farming and many pure herbs are mixed in appropriate quantities which provide immense benefits to the patient.

This therapy is stressless and much less expensive than other types of cancer therapy.

How Immunotherapy works

Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that increases the body’s natural immunity to fight cancer and can kill the cancerous cells. In Immunotherapy treatment our first goal is to prevent the disease from progressing and to remove infected bad cells then after help to produce large amount of new healthy cells in body, thereby patient feel good and get fast relief.
The biggest benefit of this therapy is that, it does not have side effects on other organs but also helps to  rejuvenate the whole body system, as a result person achieves fast physical and mental wellness.

Ayurveda Immunotherapy is not only prevents diseases from roots, but it also helps us in achieve good peace of mind and spiritual strength. We made customised medicine for every patient according to medical reports for quick relief and best results.
Ayurveda is best medical system at a much lower cost than other therapies.Our first objective is to protect precious human life.